The Kranzberg region offers endless scenic but easy hikes directly from the Sonnenbichl.

A walk to Lautersee

A thirty-minute walk takes you in different ways from Sonnenbichl to Lautersee at 1013 meters above the sea. A particularly beautiful walk passes through the Laintal past the waterfalls of the Lainbach. Follow the stream further to the Chapel of Maria Königin. Then the Lautersee lies before you.
Circle the approximately 14.6 acres and up to 19 meters deep lake or take a break in one of the three restaurants, take a rowing or paddle boat or simply watch the beautiful nature from one of the many benches. In summer, you have at almost all points access to the lake shore to swim or splash. For a small fee you can also visit the public bath with children’s playground.
In the summer season there is a free bus service to the lake.
In winter, the frozen lake lies enchanted under a thick blanket of snow. Only friends of the curling could disturb the silence. The trails are cleared and well accessible and attract winter guests out into the clear, fresh air.


The Ferchensee is located a few meters behind the Lautersee on 1060 m directly at the feet of the Wetterstein Mountains. Around the lake are good possibilities for swimming. For hungry and thirsty hikers there is a restaurant. Sitting right on the water you can observe big carp and Great Crested Grebes.
Anyone who is too tired hiking after swimming can take the free guest bus back to Mittenwald. Tourists like to walk further to Elmau and the Schachenhaus of König Ludwig (King’s House on the Schachen) or go from here to the Kranzberg Mountain.

To the summit of Kranzenberg

Many paths lead to the Hohen Kranzberg Mountains. Walk from Sonnenbichl to the Lautersee or the Ferchensee or start at the Kalvarienweg into the direction of Wildensee with sweeping views of the Isar valley. Each path is uniquely beautiful.
At the summit at 1391 m one has a panoramic view over the Isar valley and the surrounding mountains of the Karwendel, the Wetterstein and the Zugspitze mountains. Those who want to facilitate their trip, take the chairlift up to the mountain inn St. Anton. Many visitors dare barefoot hiking on the special barefoot trail; others enjoy the magnificent view from St. Anton or from Korbinian hut to the Karwendel Mountains and Mittenwald. Slight passages down lead to Ferchensee and Lautersee – water friends take a swim; others prefer to enjoy coffee and cake on the terrace overlooking the lake.

Elmau Alm (pasture)

An easy walk takes you from Sonnenbichl to alpine pasture Elmauer Alm. Passing the Lautersee and Ferchensee along the Ferchenbach you hike to the small village of Elmau.
From here you hike up to Elmau Alm (about 3 hours walking).You can now choose between walking back or taking the bus to Mittenwald

Der Barfußwanderweg auf dem Kranzberg

Sie erreichen den Barfußwanderweg entweder zu Fuß über den Aufstieg direkt von der Talstation des Sessellifts Richtung Sankt Anton oder mit einem kleinen Schwenk über die Korbinianhütte. Oder Sie nehmen ganz bequem den Sessellift. Beim Gasthaus Sankt Anton starten Sie dann ohne Schuhe über verschiedene Untergründe – Wiese, Kieselsteinchen, Tannenzapfen … Gleichzeitig können Sie einen herrlichen Ausblick über das Karwendelgebirge und das Isartal genießen. Ein sinnlicher Ausflug nicht nur für Kinder.

Hike to the Partnach Gorge

An exciting, easy hike in the summer and winter takes you from Mittenwald, from the Lautersee, the Ferchensee and Elmau to the gorge Partnachklamm.
Walk through the gorge on steep tracks, along the rocks and through the rock – always next to the Partnach which has taken more and more of the rock in thousands years. The train from Garmisch brings you back to Mittenwald (approx. 5 hours walking).

Ederkanzel and Leutaschklamm

A short, easy, one-hour hike takes you from Mittenwald to Ederkanzel with the inn Ederkanzel. Here you have a wonderful view of the Leutaschtal and the Riedboden into the direction of Scharnitz and at the Große Arnspitze, the Brunnsteinspitze and the Austrian Alps.
If you want to walk even further, you can take the passage down to the gorge Leutaschklamm. Walk through the gorge on stairs, over bridges and steep tracks, until at the inn Gletscherschliff you will have again solid ground under your feet. The entire walk from Sonnenbichl takes approximately 3 hours.
You can also reach the Leutaschklamm directly from Mittenwald. The entrances for the old and new gorge are side by side, so you can visit both.


A pleasant walk takes you through the Riedboden, a level of alpine meadows and woods near the Isar River with stunning views of the Karwendel Mountains and the Brunnstein Mountain. You can hike to Scharnitz and return by train or take the longer way back to Mittenwald (approx. 2 hours).


A walk on the Buckelwiesen is great in every season. Make a small or long walk or take the guest bus to Krün to walk from there to the Chapel of Maria Rast and the Buckelwiesen back to Mittenwald. You will not forget soon the panoramic view of the Ester Mountain, the Soiern, the Karwendel and the Zugspitze Mountain!
Until today, scholars do not know how those fluffy looking little grassy hills emerged. In all probability, they emerged at the end of the last ice age caused by the advancing glacier Isar and thus they are more than 10 000 years old. Today Buckelwiesen with its unique landscape are under conservation. They may only be planted traditionally. The interested hikers find over 200 species of plants, including stems loose gentian, White Mountain avens and yellow scorzonera.

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