In the Mittenwald area there are many opportunities to swim in one of the many clean mountain lakes in summer.
From the Sonnenbichl you can reach the Lautersee and the Ferchensee on foot, by bike or with the guest bus.
If you want to swim in the Barmsee, Grubsee (with bathing establishment) or Geroldsee, our free guest bus will take you there. Of course, you can also approach the lakes by mountain bike or your car.
A visit to the Walchensee or Eibsee, which you can reach by car, public bus or bike, is particularly attractive and rewarding.
In every season of the year, the lakes invite you to take a stroll along the shore or to go around the lake.


A thirty minute walk will take you from Sonnenbichl to the Lautersee at 1013 meters above the sea level. The lake, approximately 14.6 hectares and up to 19 meters deep, invites you for a tour.
You can stop at one of the three restaurants, rent a rowing or paddle boat or observe rare birds. In summer, you have at almost all points access to the lake shore to swim or splash. For a small fee you can also visit the public bath with children’s playground.
In the summer season there is a free bus service to the lake.
In winter, the frozen lake lies enchanted under a thick blanket of snow. Only friends of the curling could disturb the silence. The trails are cleared and well accessible and attract winter guests out into the clear, fresh air.


The Ferchensee is located a few meters behind the Lautersee on 1060 m directly at the feet of the Wetterstein Mountains. Around the lake are good possibilities for swimming. For hungry and thirsty hikers there is a restaurant. Sitting right at the water you can observe big carp and Great Crested Grebes.Anyone, who is tired after swimming to hike, can take the free guest bus back to Mittenwald. Many Tourists like to walk further to Elmau and the Schachenhaus of König Ludwig (King’s House on the Schachen) or go from here to the Kranzberg Mountain.The small river Leutasch has found its way deeply through the rocks at the border between Germany and Austria.


The Walchensee is one of the largest alpine lakes in Germany. With a depth of 190 m, it is also one of the deepest lakes, and its path along the banks is 27 km long.
With its size, it offers ideal conditions for water sports enthusiasts: windsurfers, kite surfers and sailors rave about the steady wind. If you can, you can also dive in the lake alone or with professional guidance. Various wrecks and the fish-rich underwater world beckon.
The Walchensee is a popular bathing lake. Small beaches and secluded bays invite you to sunbathe followed by refreshment in the clear mountain lake.
There are many legends about the lake. It is true that until the 18th century it was customary to sink consecrated gold coins into the deepest part of the lake *. To what extent of the notorious Nazi gold can still be found in or on the lake can only be answered by history.
It is true that the films “Wicki and the strong men” were shot at the lake under the direction of Bully Herwig. The film village can be viewed as a museum in the town of Walchensee.
The water from the lake has been used to produce environmentally friendly green electricity in the Walchensee power plant for almost a hundred years.
* Source: Wikipedia, Walchensee


The Eibsee is 9 km southwest of Garmisch-Partenkirchen near the town of Grainau. It is privately owned but is open to the general public. A visit is worthwhile in every season.
In summer, the Eibsee offers secret bathing bays that can be reached on foot, by bike or by boat. A circumnavigation at a leisurely pace takes two hours and offers many fascinating views of the Zugspitze. Several restaurants invite you to stop.
A huge landslide around 3500 years ago created some shallows and eight islands that rise picturesquely from the water. Depending on the sunlight, the water, especially on the bank and around the shallows, shines from dark green to Caribbean blue. A ride on the Zugspitz cable car offers a breathtaking view of the Eibsee from above.