It has not yet got around: Mittenwald is one of the most beautiful and diverse mountain bike areas of the Alps. From easy and short to long and very demanding – cosy cyclists and ambitious mountain-bikers will not be disappointed!

Here you can find just a small selection of the best mountain biking tours around Mittenwald

Across the Buckelwiesen

An easy biking tour, you can well use touring bikes, runs from Sonnenbichl across the Buckelwiesen and along the Isar River to Krün and Wallgau. Admire the stunning panoramic views of several mountains (Karwendel, Soiern, Estergebirge and Zugspitze) on this nearly 25-km round trip (approximately 100 m elevation gain).

To the spring of the Isar River

Another easy but longer biking tour takes you from Mittenwald across the Riedboden to Scharnitz, from there to the spring of the Isar River and the Kastenalm. You cycle through rugged rock formations at the river. This tour can be done with regular touring bikes (total of approximately 40 km and 300 m elevation gain). Those who want an extra challenge, turns on the way back to the Möslalm and the Pfeishütte or cycle the way up to Oberbrunnalm!

Around the Kranzberg (through the Elmau)

To see the diversity of Mittenwalds nature you can cycle around the Kranzberg. A brief but steep climb leads to Ferchenseehöhe – from there it’s more comfortable through the Elmau, Klais and across the Buckelwiesen back to Mittenwald (approx. 25 km, 200 m elevation gain).


Starting in Mittenwald you cycle across the Riedboden with the direction Scharnitz and Gießenbach and then turn to Leutasch. In Weidach you follow Leutasch and enjoy an easy cycle through the beautiful, almost flat valley back to Mittenwald (33 km, 250 m elevation gain).
Many routes lead to different huts. The ascent is a bit more exhausting than in the above-described tours – but the sweating is worth it!

Fereinalm and Kriner-Kofler-Hut

After 11 km and 550 meters elevation gain you have reached the lonely Fereinalm which is lying between the Wörnermassiv (massif) and the Soiern mountains. Continue until Hinterriß and the Ahornboden. Or simply enjoy the beautiful, deserted nature and let yourself roll back down to Mittenwald after a cosy snack.

Fischbachalm route

A delightful tour takes you from Mittenwald along the Isar River via Krün into the direction of Vorderriß. You will think you are in Canada with its beauty and loneliness. Then cycle up to the Fischbachalm. After a snack which will bring back your strength, you can comfortably roll back to Krün and then along the Isar River to Mittenwald. On this day you have cycled magnificent 50 km and approximately 600 meters elevation gain.


This absolutely wonderful tour combines a visit to the Schachenhaus (King’s House on the Schachen), King Ludwig II’s “weekend home”, and the nearby Botanical Gardens with a challenging biking tour. You start at Mittenwald with direction Ferchensee to Elmau. From there you cycle up to the Wettersteinalm and the Schachenhaus which is open from early June to early October. The King’s House can be visited only by guided tour (daily at 11am, 1, 2 and 3pm). Back to Mittenwald you can be proud of 38 km and 1000 meters of elevation gain.

The Zugspitze tour

The ultimate mountain biking challenge is around the Wetterstein Mountains – also called the Zugspitze tour. First, the more easy tour which is counter clockwise: From Mittenwald, you start to Ferchensee, Elmau, Eckbauern to Garmisch, then below the Zugspitze along continue to Grainau and Ehrwald to Ehrwalder Alm (here you can use the cable car). Now it’s cosy back across Gaistal and Leutasch to Mittenwald.

The clockwise tour is almost always slightly uphill. It is the perfect fitness raining (85 km, 900 m elevation gain).

The Karwendel tour

The second most ultimate challenge is the Karwendel tour. You can cycle this route clockwise or counter clockwise, they are both about the same difficulty.
From Mittenwald you cycle via Riedboden to Karwendeltal in Scharnitz with direction Larchetalm (no service at the hut).
Follow the Karwendelbach (stream) through the deserted countryside along steep rock walls to the Karwendelhaus. Shortly after that, you have reached the highest point of the tour, the Hochalmsattel at 1805 m above the sea level. From now on its downhill, across the little Ahornboden to Hinterriß. You can take a slightly different tour to Vorderriß and Wallgau back to Mittenwald. Those who choose the more difficult tour, turn left and cycle up to the Fereinsalm. From there, it is only downhill to Mittenwald (78 km and 900/1300 m elevation gain).

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